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eED – Volume 1

Stable isotope compositions of a late Jurassic ammonite shell: a record of seasonal surface water temperatures in the southern hemisphere?   
C. L√©cuyer and H. Bucher
Page(s) 1-19
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  15 May 2006
Extracting low frequency climate signal from GRACE data   
O. de Viron, M. Diament, and I. Panet
Page(s) 21-36
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  15 May 2006
What olivine, the neglected mineral, tells us about kimberlite petrogenesis   
N. T. Arndt, A. M. Boullier, J. P. Clement, M. Dubois, and D. Schissel
Page(s) 37-50
Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 1948 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Closed, 3 Comments)   Final Revised Paper (eE)   

  20 Jun 2006
A linear theory of physical properties in inhomogeneous sediments and its application to relative paleointensity determination   
K. Fabian
Page(s) 51-62
Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 415 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Closed, 3 Comments)   Publication in eE not foreseen   

  22 Jun 2006