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eED - Volume 3, Most Commented Papers

Zoogeography of the bottom Foraminifera of the West-African coast   
V. Mikhalevich
eEarth Discuss., 3, 1-9, 2008
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  07 Mar 2008
Late Pleistocene paleoproductivity patterns during the last climatic cycle in the Guyana Basin as revealed by calcareous nannoplankton   
G.-E. López-Otálvaro, J. A. Flores, F. J. Sierro, I. Cacho, J.-O. Grimalt, E. Michel, E. Cortijo, and L. Labeyrie
eEarth Discuss., 3, 11-40, 2008
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  17 Mar 2008
Use of remote sensing and GIS in mapping the environmental sensitivity areas for desertification of Egyptian territory   
A. Gad and I. Lotfy
eEarth Discuss., 3, 41-85, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 4341 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Closed, 3 Comments)   Publication in eE not foreseen   

  04 Jun 2008