Volumes and issues  

eED – Volume 2

Impact vesiculation – a new trigger for volcanic bubble growth and degassing   
D. A. Rothery, J. M. Sumner, O. Spieler, and D. B. Dingwell
Page(s) 151-167
Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 485 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Closed, 3 Comments)   Publication in eE not foreseen   

  05 Nov 2007
Geometry of the Turkey-Arabia and Africa-Arabia plate boundaries in the latest Miocene to Mid-Pliocene: the role of the Malatya-Ovacık Fault Zone in eastern Turkey   
R. Westaway, T. Demir, and A. Seyrek
Page(s) 169-190
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  22 Nov 2007
Environmental response of living benthic foraminifera in Kiel Fjord, SW Baltic Sea   
A. Nikulina, I. Polovodova, and J. Schönfeld
Page(s) 191-217
Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 2921 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Closed, 4 Comments)   Final Revised Paper (eE)   Special Issue

  03 Dec 2007