eEarth Discuss., 4, 77-89, 2009
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29 Sep 2009
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Thermogeodynamic manifestations in the Caucasus and their genesis
G. E. Gugunava1, J. K. Kiria1, and T. B. Bochorishvili1,2
1Institute of Geophysics, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Rukhadze St 1, 0193 Tbilisi, Georgia
2Institute of Informatics, University of Podlasie, 3-go Maja 54, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

Abstract. In the work two aspects of thermal character are considered: first of all this is the connection of subduction phenomena with thermal life of the Caucasus on the basis of over interpreted data of magnetotelluric sounding, and secondly, origin of thermostressed condition of the Caucasus and its geological aspects which is manifested in the following:

1. in the zones of anomalous thermodisplacements thermofaults should occur (Le Pishon et al., 1977). These thermofaults are in good correlation with deep faults which are distinguished by geological and seismic methods, these thermofaults may be earthquake sources (Spitak, Racha, etc. earthquakes), also may be channels through which magma derivates (giving mineral deposits) may penetrate on surface (Gugunava and Gijeishvili, 1989);

2. in the body of sedimentary complex thermostressed seals and seal failures occur, which are apparently traps for oil-gas fluids. Good correlation of thermodense anomalies with oil deposits of the Caucasus is shown (Alexidze et al., 1985; Gugunava, 1980).

Everything above mentioned was carried out within frames of stationary thermal model which did not allow us to reveal time characteristics of interconnection of geological medium and thermal field.

Now investigations are being carried out within the frames of stationary thermal model and its interconnection with geological environment.

Citation: Gugunava, G. E., Kiria, J. K., and Bochorishvili, T. B.: Thermogeodynamic manifestations in the Caucasus and their genesis, eEarth Discuss., 4, 77-89, doi:10.5194/eed-4-77-2009, 2009.
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